KindSight 101

This is KindSight 101, the podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. Together, by challenging our assumptions and venturing beyond the status quo in education, we can make a BIG small act at a time.

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    #48: Starting with Why-Simon Sinek (With Stephen Shedletzky)

    In this episode, you'll hear how Simon Sinek's brainchild Start with Why empowers teachers and educational leaders to see, hear, and seek to understand their students in order to create cultures of belonging and safety in schools. I speak with Stephen Shedletsky about kindness, the golden circle (finding your "why"), and the circle of safety.

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    #47: Everyone Has A Story: The Existence Project

    In this episode, I explore the concept of homelessness, toxic masculinity, and a revolutionary way of bridging the gap between those living in privilege and marginalized individuals with Marko, the founder of the Existence Project.

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    #46 How to Overcome Empathic Burnout (With Dr. Rebecca Alber)

    Whether you call it compassion fatigue, compassion burnout, or empathic distress, being on the front lines with those experiencing distress or trauma is taxing, emotionally. Often nurses, teachers, and community service employees suffer from this affliction, but there are ways to protect yourself and beat empathic distress. Listen, as Dr. Alber shares her tips for overcoming compassion fatigue so that you can give with a whole heart.

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    Peter H. Reynolds: How to Nurture the Happy Dreamers in Your Class

    Have you ever wondered how to empower the dreamers in your life to be the fullest expressions of themselves? To take audacious leaps? To connect with their passion in a meaningful way to serve the world?

    In this episode, you’ll learn the 4 questions you can ask to connect students with their purpose, the top two ways anyone can generate new and creative ideas, and the most important question everyone should be asking themselves in order to live a life of joyful intention. I am thrilled about this remarkable interview, with the best-selling, award-winning author, Peter H. Reynolds. Join us as we deep-dive into creativity, dreaming, and joyful expression.

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    #45 A Lesson Plan for Kindness (with Dr. Alber)

    We all want to teach our students to be kind, but sometimes doing so explicitly can be harder than it looks. In this episode, you'll hear 3 tangible, actionable, and easy ways to teach kindness within the classroom that you can implement starting today.

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    #44: Homeless in Our Cities: Victoria's Mayor Weighs-In (With Mayor Lisa Helps)

    In this episode, you'll hear about the global crisis of homelessness from a Mayor's perspective. Mayor Lisa Helps is the current Mayor of Victoria, Canada and she weighs in about the hidden issues related to homelessness, 2 specific limitations all cities have to overcome, the reason youth are the answer to solving the crisis, and she provides some tangible ways that every citizen can contribute.

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    Seth Godin: What is School For? (With Seth Godin)

    Have you ever found yourself stumped by the question, "Why are we doing this, for?" or have you ever been graced with the inevitable "Is this on the test?" query? In this very special episode, I talk to the one and only Seth Godin about disrupting the industrial model of education, helping students to get comfortable with struggle of learning and the venture beyond the pull of wanting to fit in. We also discuss the real purpose of school and how we can best prepare our students for the uncertain future. Finally, we explore the best way to provide feedback and advice to our learners, so that they may become the fullest expressions of themselves.

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    # 41 Back to School Tips for Success: Part Two

    In this episode you’ll hear a unique way to connect authentically with families during your first week in the classroom, a great way for students to get to know each other and the staff within your school, an awesome hands-on activity to start your first day off right, and a list of resources and tangible ways to develop growth mindset within your students during the first month, and throughout the year. You’ll also learn a strategy so successful that three educators mentioned variations of it…love it! Finally, you’ll learn a handful of tips for starting the year off right.

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