KindSight 101

This is KindSight 101, the podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. Together, by challenging our assumptions and venturing beyond the status quo in education, we can make a BIG small act at a time.

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    #55: Kids These Days... (Part I with Dr. Jody Carrington)

    If you want to make a big impact on those around you, to truly make positive change in your school, workplace, and community, check out this game-changing episode with the one and only, Dr. Jody Carrington!

    In this episode, we talk about trauma, ways to connect with the kids in our lives, and some of the ways we can take care of ourselves along the way.

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    #54 Developing an Innovator's Mindset (with George Couros)

    In this episode, we talk about the power of encouraging our learners and educators to be problem finders and solvers, what it takes to develop an innovator’s mindset, and the distinction between what it means to engage vs. empower our students. You'll learn how two simple questions are the key to changing student behaviour for the better. We dig deep into meaningful ways to motivate our school community to tap into their passions and interests and talk about overcoming the constraints associated with schools right now. Through his engaging, funny delivery, George shows us how to build student agency into learning while keeping it real.

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    #53: Kindness Superheros and DNA with (Laurie McIntosh)

    Laurie McIntosh is an incredible kindergarten educator based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada who dedicates herself to teaching her students to be kind through kindness cape superhero missions. A kindness superhero herself, she has been featured on The Ellen Show and has started The Kind Club, an international kindness club that any teacher can join with their class. She mobilizes kindness through her blog and social media where you can find her @lauriesmcintosh @MrsMacsKinders @the_kind_club. I hope you feel as inspired as I did after this conversation!

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    Want to be Featured on KindSight 101?

    I need your help! Share some of your favourite ideas for spreading kindness for the lead up to #pinkshirtday with my listeners and be featured on the KindSight 101.

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    #51: How to Develop Beginner's Mind (With Stefanie Faye Frank)

    In Part three of my interview with Stefanie Faye Frank, we talk about the importance of developing beginners mind as teachers as a way to teach growth mindset from the context of our own authentic experiences. Sounds scary right? Nope…it doesn’t have to be. Stefanie shares a few easy and tangible ways that you can train your brain to be more adaptable, whether you want to help your students to grow or you want to develop beginner’s mind yourself. Struggle is an essential part of learning. Lean in.

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    #50: The Dark Side of Growth Mindset (With Stefanie Faye Frank)

    In part two of my interview with Stefanie Faye Frank, we explore the dark side of growth mindset and why it’s important to go beyond the superficial teaching of adaptability. We discuss some of the physiological clues that suggest whether a student in experiencing fight, flight or freeze and how to become more aware of our own body language in order to create a safe environment for our students.

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    #49 Why Our Current Education Model Isn't Working (With Stefanie Faye Frank)

    In part one of my interview with Stefanie Faye Frank, we discuss how the factory model of education and our behaviorist stimulus-response approach to teaching is holding our students back from being able to compete within the new connection economy. We discuss the importance of running our classroom like an innovation lab, where failing fast is important and taking risks through vulnerability and emotional labour is key to developing the adaptability our students need to be successful in the future.

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    #48: Starting with Why-Simon Sinek (With Stephen Shedletzky)

    In this episode, you'll hear how Simon Sinek's brainchild Start with Why empowers teachers and educational leaders to see, hear, and seek to understand their students in order to create cultures of belonging and safety in schools. I speak with Stephen Shedletsky about kindness, the golden circle (finding your "why"), and the circle of safety.

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    #47: Everyone Has A Story: The Existence Project

    In this episode, I explore the concept of homelessness, toxic masculinity, and a revolutionary way of bridging the gap between those living in privilege and marginalized individuals with Marko, the founder of the Existence Project.

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