KindSight 101

This is KindSight 101, the podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. Together, by challenging our assumptions and venturing beyond the status quo in education, we can make a BIG small act at a time.

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    #58: How to Build a Gender-Inclusive Culture (With Kingsley Strudwick)

    Deep down, most educational organizations care for their employees and students, and they want to keep up with new human rights policies and best practice, but when it comes to gender diversity in the workplace and school, many of us aren’t always sure how to proceed. In this episode, I talk with Kingsley Strudwick, founder of Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting, which was initiated as a natural continuation of the work he’s been doing for the past ten years in the anti-violence and community engagement sectors. We discuss the complicated relationship of gender and sexual identity and tangible ways to create inclusive learning spaces. You can connect with him on twitter, Instagram, and facebook by searching AGDC or Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting.

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    #57: How to Organize a School Kindness Expo (Part II with Tamara Letter)

    This is the kindness activity I have always been looking for. It offers the perfect mix of kindness, student agency, and inquiry. I am ALL in. What is it, you ask? The Kindness Expo...a chance for students to showcase their kindnesses to people in their lives in order to make a difference in the world and inspire others to join in! As you know by now, kindness is my jam. I am always on the hunt for fabulous ideas and innovative strategies for infusing meaningful kindness into my practice as a teacher, for the 21-Day Kindness Challenge, and in my everyday life as a mom, wife and friend.

    Today’s guest has a true passion for kindness, will leave you feeling inspired, excited to take on your own kindness projects with the people you serve in your life. You will come away with dozens of easy-to-implement ideas for mobilizing kindness in your life, school, and workplace!

    Tamara Letter is a mom, tech integrator for her district, educator, and recent author of the incredible book, A Passion for Kindness. You can find her on twitter @tamaraletter by searching the hashtag #passionforkindness, and buy her freshly minted book, a Passion for Kindness anywhere you buy your books.

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    Pink Shirt Day Bonus Episode

    In honour of Pink Shirt Day, which takes place February 27th 2019, I thought I’d gather a few terrific ideas that anyone could use to celebrate kindness in schools and communities for this special bonus episode of KindSight 101.


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    #56: A Passion for Kindness (Part I with Tamara Letter)

    As you know by now, kindness is my jam. I am always on the hunt for fabulous ideas and innovative strategies for infusing meaningful kindness into my practice as a teacher, for the 21-Day Kindness Challenge, and in my everyday life as a mom, wife and friend.

    Today’s guest has a true passion for kindness, will leave you feeling inspired, excited to take on your own kindness projects with the people you serve in your life. You will come away with dozens of easy-to-implement ideas for mobilizing kindness in your life, school, and workplace!

    Tamara Letter is a mom, tech integrator for her district, educator, and recent author of the incredible book, A Passion for Kindness. You can find her on twitter @tamaraletter by searching the hashtag #passionforkindness, and buy her freshly minted book, a Passion for Kindness anywhere you buy your books.

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    #55: Kids These Days... (Part I with Dr. Jody Carrington)

    If you want to make a big impact on those around you, to truly make positive change in your school, workplace, and community, check out this game-changing episode with the one and only, Dr. Jody Carrington!

    In this episode, we talk about trauma, ways to connect with the kids in our lives, and some of the ways we can take care of ourselves along the way.

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    #54 Developing an Innovator's Mindset (with George Couros)

    In this episode, we talk about the power of encouraging our learners and educators to be problem finders and solvers, what it takes to develop an innovator’s mindset, and the distinction between what it means to engage vs. empower our students. You'll learn how two simple questions are the key to changing student behaviour for the better. We dig deep into meaningful ways to motivate our school community to tap into their passions and interests and talk about overcoming the constraints associated with schools right now. Through his engaging, funny delivery, George shows us how to build student agency into learning while keeping it real.

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    #53: Kindness Superheros and DNA with (Laurie McIntosh)

    Laurie McIntosh is an incredible kindergarten educator based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada who dedicates herself to teaching her students to be kind through kindness cape superhero missions. A kindness superhero herself, she has been featured on The Ellen Show and has started The Kind Club, an international kindness club that any teacher can join with their class. She mobilizes kindness through her blog and social media where you can find her @lauriesmcintosh @MrsMacsKinders @the_kind_club. I hope you feel as inspired as I did after this conversation!

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    Want to be Featured on KindSight 101?

    I need your help! Share some of your favourite ideas for spreading kindness for the lead up to #pinkshirtday with my listeners and be featured on the KindSight 101.

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    #51: How to Develop Beginner's Mind (With Stefanie Faye Frank)

    In Part three of my interview with Stefanie Faye Frank, we talk about the importance of developing beginners mind as teachers as a way to teach growth mindset from the context of our own authentic experiences. Sounds scary right? Nope…it doesn’t have to be. Stefanie shares a few easy and tangible ways that you can train your brain to be more adaptable, whether you want to help your students to grow or you want to develop beginner’s mind yourself. Struggle is an essential part of learning. Lean in.

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    #50: The Dark Side of Growth Mindset (With Stefanie Faye Frank)

    In part two of my interview with Stefanie Faye Frank, we explore the dark side of growth mindset and why it’s important to go beyond the superficial teaching of adaptability. We discuss some of the physiological clues that suggest whether a student in experiencing fight, flight or freeze and how to become more aware of our own body language in order to create a safe environment for our students.

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    #49 Why Our Current Education Model Isn't Working (With Stefanie Faye Frank)

    In part one of my interview with Stefanie Faye Frank, we discuss how the factory model of education and our behaviorist stimulus-response approach to teaching is holding our students back from being able to compete within the new connection economy. We discuss the importance of running our classroom like an innovation lab, where failing fast is important and taking risks through vulnerability and emotional labour is key to developing the adaptability our students need to be successful in the future.

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    #48: Starting with Why-Simon Sinek (With Stephen Shedletzky)

    In this episode, you'll hear how Simon Sinek's brainchild Start with Why empowers teachers and educational leaders to see, hear, and seek to understand their students in order to create cultures of belonging and safety in schools. I speak with Stephen Shedletsky about kindness, the golden circle (finding your "why"), and the circle of safety.

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    #47: Everyone Has A Story: The Existence Project

    In this episode, I explore the concept of homelessness, toxic masculinity, and a revolutionary way of bridging the gap between those living in privilege and marginalized individuals with Marko, the founder of the Existence Project.

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    #46 How to Overcome Empathic Burnout (With Dr. Rebecca Alber)

    Whether you call it compassion fatigue, compassion burnout, or empathic distress, being on the front lines with those experiencing distress or trauma is taxing, emotionally. Often nurses, teachers, and community service employees suffer from this affliction, but there are ways to protect yourself and beat empathic distress. Listen, as Dr. Alber shares her tips for overcoming compassion fatigue so that you can give with a whole heart.

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    Peter H. Reynolds: How to Nurture the Happy Dreamers in Your Class

    Have you ever wondered how to empower the dreamers in your life to be the fullest expressions of themselves? To take audacious leaps? To connect with their passion in a meaningful way to serve the world?

    In this episode, you’ll learn the 4 questions you can ask to connect students with their purpose, the top two ways anyone can generate new and creative ideas, and the most important question everyone should be asking themselves in order to live a life of joyful intention. I am thrilled about this remarkable interview, with the best-selling, award-winning author, Peter H. Reynolds. Join us as we deep-dive into creativity, dreaming, and joyful expression.

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    #45 A Lesson Plan for Kindness (with Dr. Alber)

    We all want to teach our students to be kind, but sometimes doing so explicitly can be harder than it looks. In this episode, you'll hear 3 tangible, actionable, and easy ways to teach kindness within the classroom that you can implement starting today.

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    #44: Homeless in Our Cities: Victoria's Mayor Weighs-In (With Mayor Lisa Helps)

    In this episode, you'll hear about the global crisis of homelessness from a Mayor's perspective. Mayor Lisa Helps is the current Mayor of Victoria, Canada and she weighs in about the hidden issues related to homelessness, 2 specific limitations all cities have to overcome, the reason youth are the answer to solving the crisis, and she provides some tangible ways that every citizen can contribute.

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    Seth Godin: What is School For? (With Seth Godin)

    Have you ever found yourself stumped by the question, "Why are we doing this, for?" or have you ever been graced with the inevitable "Is this on the test?" query? In this very special episode, I talk to the one and only Seth Godin about disrupting the industrial model of education, helping students to get comfortable with struggle of learning and the venture beyond the pull of wanting to fit in. We also discuss the real purpose of school and how we can best prepare our students for the uncertain future. Finally, we explore the best way to provide feedback and advice to our learners, so that they may become the fullest expressions of themselves.

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    # 41 Back to School Tips for Success: Part Two

    In this episode you’ll hear a unique way to connect authentically with families during your first week in the classroom, a great way for students to get to know each other and the staff within your school, an awesome hands-on activity to start your first day off right, and a list of resources and tangible ways to develop growth mindset within your students during the first month, and throughout the year. You’ll also learn a strategy so successful that three educators mentioned variations of it…love it! Finally, you’ll learn a handful of tips for starting the year off right.

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    #40 Back to School Tips for Success: Part One

    Whether you're a well-seasoned teacher or fresh in the field, it's always great to gain insight into tried, tested, and true tips for success in the classroom. In this episode, you'll come away with some great ways to prepare yourself and your classroom environment for a successful year, before the kids even set foot in the classroom. Enjoy!

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    #39: Confessions of a Former Child Prodigy (With Tricia Park)

    In this episode, we talk with world-class Julliard-trained violinist Tricia Park about her experiences as a child prodigy. We discuss how learning to play the violin and perform for world-class audiences at a very young age made her feel special all the while contributing to a limited sense of identity.

    She shares her unique insights into what it’s like to live a big life as a quiet and painfully shy child and she discusses simple ways that educators can help their exceptional students rise about the pressures associated with achievement and perfectionism. For more information about Tricia, including links to some of her amazing work with the Solera Quartet, the Music IC Organization or her other projects, visit Tricia or check out the show notes for all of the related links to her performances and work.

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    #38: When your Students are Homeless...(With Jody Yurkowsky Pace)

    More often than we'd like to think, our students experience homelessness or are at-risk for homelessness. But educators and the general public aren't powerless to help! Jody Yurkowsky Pace is the director of program services at Threshold Housing Society, which helps at-risk youth attain independence and self-reliance through supportive transitional housing. Hear some of the touching stories, strategies, and approaches we can all take to end youth homelessness in our cities.

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    #37: I Lost My Daughter to Fentanyl (with Fernand Magnin)

    Fernand Magnin of Victoria, Canada lost his daughter to a fentanyl overdose in May 2016. Bria Magnin Forster struggled with addiction for more than 10 years, but her death came shortly after she left a rehab program on the lower mainland. Fernand is sharing her story in the hopes of raising awareness about the need for better mental health and addictions supports for individuals who struggle. He is also working hard to dispel some of the myths about homelessness.

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    #36: Locelle, the App Designed to Connect People: Fostering Innovation and Creativity in Education (with Humaira Ahmed)

    Locelle, a women-only social networking platform founded by Humaira Ahmed, aims to help women find like-minded friends way easier. Beta testing begins in June, with a public launch planned for this fall.

    Personal experiences, and the fact that feelings of loneliness and isolation are known to be increasingly problematic, Ahmed began thinking of what a women-only social networking platform would look like and how it could make forming meaningful friendships a little easier.

    Perhaps the world is ready for an app that actually seeks to connect us, instead of making us feel lonelier. Join me as we learn about what spurred and inspired Humaira to create this incredible app and how teachers can become inspired to make change, themselves.

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    #35: But, I’m Not Indigenous: How to Explore Indigenous Ways of Learning, Authentically (with Adrienne Gear)

    With the advent of more ethically-conscious curricula that challenge the outdated colonialist outlook on history, educators are more responsible than ever for carefully and accurately talking about cultures and ways of knowing that may not be personally familiar to us. In light of the Canadian government’s reconciliation efforts with indigenous people, the way we teach has to reflect a more culturally conscious approach.

    "But, I’m not indigenous," many people say. "How do I teach about indigenous culture?"

    In this conversation, you’ll learn specific lessons, books, and approaches to teaching indigenous ways of knowing in an authentic, integrated way. Hope you enjoy this short, illuminating mini-episode with my esteemed guest, Adrienne Gear. Be sure to check out her full-length treasure trove interviews in Episodes #9 and #10.

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    #34: The Dolphin Way: How Teaching Resiliency, Mindfulness, Kindness, and Innovation Prepares our Students for the Future (with Elyse Cochrane)

    I love being able to host this podcast because of the wonderful people I get to speak to. Today, I am here with Elyse Cochrane who will be talking about the actionable ways that educators can foster a sense of innovation, critical thinking, purposeful contribution, and social connection through her specialized proven methods. You’ll learn how to implement Contribution Fridays within your classroom practice, an easy weekly activity that encourages students to gain agency over their learning and impact on their communities.

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    #33: Is your School Kind? The Important, Research-Backed Metric Every School Should Employ (with Dr. John-Tyler Binfet)

    Have you ever wondered how kind your school is? Well, today’s guest invented the research-backed metric that every school should employ to measure the kindness of their culture. In our conversation, we explore three different types of kindness and ways to empower our students to practice daily kindnesses. We also talk about the surprising relationship between resiliency and kindness. Enjoy the episode.

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    #32: Who Says You Can’t do Inquiry in Kindergarten? Developing an Inquiry Mindset (with Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt)

    Who says you can’t teach inquiry in kindergarten? This episode will have you checking your assumptions at the door. Many teachers not only believe that using inquiry-based, student centered-learning is only for the intermediate grades, but that it’s impossible in kindergarten. My superstar guest provides step by step strategies, highlights her favorite technological apps, and explains key lessons to explore inquiry within your classroom, whether you want to simply dip your toe into it or do a deep dive with your class. Get ready to be inspired!

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    #31: Building Rapport with Parents and Creating Judgement-Free Zones, Without Compromising Your Integrity (with Shauna Stewart Douglas)

    If you’ve ever wondered how you can easily earn the respect and trust of parents in an authentic way that doesn’t compromise your integrity, my guest has some incredible insight to share with you today. In our conversation, we discuss the importance of building rapport, creating judgement-free zones for moms, encouraging parenting communities that favor teamwork and generosity over competition, and the significance of creating a safe space to navigate some of life’s controversial conversations.

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    #29: Want to Raise a Happy Kid? What our Students Truly Need to Succeed in this World (with Dr. Allison Rees)

    Have you ever wanted to learn the key to raising successful, independent, and happy children? The key is not shooting for obedience!

    During this fascinating conversation, we explore how to side-step power struggles, how to explain anger to a child, how to stay calm when children are pushing us beyond our limit, and how to maintain age-appropriate expectations of our students.

    We examine how to set boundaries within our brave new social media landscape and how to support children when they are demonstrating depressive or anxious symptoms.

    Finally, we explore the two strategies all teachers should be implementing to develop psychological safety within their classrooms. Hope you enjoy!

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    #28: How a Shoebox Brings Meaningful Reconciliation between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities in Canada (with I Love First Peoples-Josee)

    Have you ever wanted to take a more active role in Canadian reconciliation efforts within your classroom, but felt like you weren’t sure how to do so? In this episode, you’ll learn about the I Love First People’s Shoebox gift project, the easy way your class can become involved, and hear about how this program is has been recognized as a meaningful bridge between Indigenous and non-indigenous groups wishing to move forward and rethink a more equitable, culturally sensitive, and informed future for our country. I hope you become inspired to join this wonderful cause!

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    #27: Support a Classroom to Build a Future: How Donor's Choose is Harnessing the Power of Kindness (with CEO Charles Best)

    Today’s incredible guest talks about the inspiring journey he took to overcome the financial and structural constraints within his low-income, underserved school in the Bronx. His story of passion, determination, and change-making is an inspiration for any teacher wishing to disrupt the status quo and improve upon a broken system. Buckle up for a motivating ride!

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    #26: What you Can Say to Help Someone Living with Cancer (Hint #1: Say Something...Don’t Avoid the Topic) (with Genevieve Stonebridge)

    Cancer is a far-reaching, often-devastating illness that touches everyone either directly or indirectly. Oftentimes, navigating grief and loss can be complicated and confusing, especially for children. In this surprisingly uplifting episode, you’ll hear from a very special guest about her personal experience living through Cancer at the age of 18, how the experience enabled her to gain a unique perspective on the effects of cancer on families, and actionable ways teachers can support children affected by the disease. Through her positive storytelling approach, you’ll learn the 7 specific needs that well-children (specifically siblings) require in order to develop resilience in the face of familial cancer. This is such an important conversation; I hope you learn as much as I did!

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    #25: How Sleeping on the Streets Taught These Students an Unforgettable Lesson About Homelessness (with Alan Barwin)

    In this episode, you’ll hear how sleeping on the streets taught these grade 8 students an unforgettable lesson about homelessness. I interview a passionate middle school teacher to learn how he was able to navigate understandable constraints to implement such a dramatic real-life lesson in empathy and how you can bring elements of his approach you’re your practice. You’ll also hear from three students whose lives were forever changed as a result of their experience. Get ready for your mind to be blown by this assumption-busting episode.

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    #24: The Trauma-Informed School Making Waves Across the World (with Mathew Portell)

    Have you ever wondered how to authentically hold space for students who have experienced adverse trauma, uphold a successful results-based academic program, and maintain your sanity? Well, you are in for a treat. My guest has been featured on a number of viral educational videos for the incredible work his school is doing to realize the trauma-informed schools movement. In this episode we discuss 7 keys to developing student leadership and agency, creative ways to reduce compassionate burnout in teachers, specific strategies for developing growth mindset in our students, and explore two proven transformational strategies for reaching at-risk students within your classroom. Please enjoy this conversation.

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    #23: How the Loss of Her 2-Year-Old Child Helped this Mom to See Kindness in the World: How to Support Those in Grief (Ben’s Bells with Jeannette Maré)

    Have you ever been face-to-face with someone who has experienced unimaginable heartbreak and been at a loss for words? My guest’s personal insight into grief as a result of the sudden unexpected death of her 2 year old son will bring you to tears, inspire your soul, and provide you with tangible ways to meaningfully support parents, students, or colleagues who have experienced devastating loss.

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    #21: Instagram, Poetry, and Anxiety: What Teachers can Learn from Diving Head-First into Vulnerability (with Brittin Oakman)

    You’re going to love my guest today. Through her vulnerable poetry, she had made meaningful connections to tens of thousands of loyal followers on Instagram. You might be thinking; how does this relate to teaching? We discuss the ways that writing enables us to process our self-discovery and emotions Excellent teachers recognize the place for meaningful reflection in their practice not only for themselves, but for their students.

    We touch on process over product, overcoming fear, getting to know the quiet, unassuming people in our lives because they often surprise the world with how much they have to say when given half a chance, and developing a sense of worthiness. This conversation is a warm cup of tea for the teacher’s soul.

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    #20: How to Survive a Public Lifestyle While Living with Anxiety and Depression (with Casey-Jo Loos)

    Have you ever wondered what an educator and a popular radio DJ have in common? In this energizing episode, my guest and I explore how to survive a public lifestyle while living with anxiety and depression. We delve into the experience of battling with perfectionism, the pressure of conformity, vulnerability, and overcoming the desire to please the arm chair critics. Through her unique perspective, we learn profound insights will help you foster a culture of psychological safety and creativity within your classroom. Hope you enjoy!

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    #19: 20+ Actionable Ways to Integrate Kindness into your Curriculum Starting Monday (with Sheila Sjolseth)

    If you’ve always wanted to explore creative ways of approaching kindness and service-based projects with your class, then you are in for an extraordinary treat. In this conversation, you’ll learn more than twenty incredible ideas for teaching intentional kindness starting tomorrow. If you’re starting the 21-day kindness challenge with your class or simply want to make your classroom culture kinder, settle in for this amazing conversation.

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    The Letter Every Teacher Should Be Writing in June

    Ever have that feeling of overwhelm in September...the one where you feel like you'll never get to where you need to be with your students? Here's the perfect solution that'll have you feeling confident and stress-free at the beginning of the school year.

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    #18: Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide: Easy Ways for Teachers to Navigate these Hard Topics (with Dr. Shimi Kang)

    Every parent and educator experiences visceral fear at the thought of needing to support a child in crisis. Most of us feel a sense of powerlessness, but this psychiatrist explains the importance of our role in our students’ lives. In this mini episode, you’ll learn easy tangible ways to support students experiencing depression, anxiety, or even suicidal thoughts. This is an episode not to miss!

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    #17: Can You Teach Kindness and Empathy? : Actionable, Proven Tips You Can Implement in Your Class Starting Today (with Barbara Gruener)

    Some people believe that empathy is intrinsic, something you’re either born with or you’re not. Well, my guest today believes that all children have the capacity to be kind, compassionate contributors, we just have to be willing to teach them how. You’ll come away from this conversation inspired to start the 21-day kindness challenge, with a ton of easy to implement tips and strategies for the classroom, with lesson ideas, and with service-based projects to dig into with your students. Enjoy!

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    #16: So, You Want to Start your Own School? (with Tom Hudock)

    You are in for a real treat! I am here with Tom Hudock, a successful entrepreneur, a non-profit founder, a father, and business advisor. He is the co-founder of Rethink thinking, a non-profit making change in the world of education and he has also founded Arc Academy school based on the inquiry-based learning model. You can find him @ tomhudock on twitter and Instagram and by searching Tom Hudock on facebook.

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    #15: Bomb-Diffusal, A North Pole Exploration, and One War Hero's Courageous Heart: Learning How To Teach Kids with Trauma and PTSD (with Bruno Guevremont)

    Ever wonder what an ex-bomb-disposal and paratrooper could teach you about being a better educator? You’re in for a real treat! I’d like to wager that after this conversation, you’ll see your students in a whole new light. In this episode we explore a number of important topics including challenging your assumptions about people, ways to challenge yourself, how nature and contribution can make you happier, and the a 140k multiple day hike across the North Pole helped this war vet overcome the devastating PTSD symptoms of trauma.

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    #14: How to Be Happy Everyday: It'll Change the World (with Jacqueline Way)

    When you ask people what they want most in life, money, fame and notoriety are not at the top of their lists: happiness is. Have you ever wanted to learn a way to teach your students to be happier? My next guest shares the one thing you can do every day to lead a happier life and encourages teachers cultivate happier classrooms by teaching this daily habit.

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    #13: How to Build Resilience in Our Students: Actionable Ways to Help Students Develop Grit, Growth Mindset, and Confidence in the Face of Adversity (with Dr. Jillian Roberts)

    Have you ever found yourself puzzling over fostering resilience in our students but felt at a loss about how to get there? Well, you’re in for a treat. My remarkable guest describes through animated and relatable storytelling how to do just that by developing grit, growth mindset, and confidence within our students.

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    #11: How to Keep Kids in School and Ignite their Passion for Learning: Fostering an Inquiry Mindset in Your Students (with Trevor MacKenzie)

    You know one of my favorite parts of recording this podcast is that I get to speak to a ton of incredible people who are doing what they are meant to do! And today, I’m going to introduce you to someone who is doing just that and encouraging his students to connect to their hidden potential. In this episode you’ll learn the one thing you need to reach your most at-risk learners. You’ll understand how to encourage students to become agents of their own learning through 4 types of inquiry instruction, tangible ways to develop positive self-talk in your students, and the importance of making yourself vulnerable in the eyes of your students. Enjoy!

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    #10: Hmmm? Huh? Aha! Tangible, Proven Ways to Develop Powerful Understanding of the Self, Others, and the World Part Two (with Adrienne Gear)

    In this episode, you’ll learn so many strategies, tools and lesson ideas for teaching integrated and meaningful learning that it’ll have you sprinting into your classroom with a recharged sense of purpose! In this conversation, Adrienne Gear explores specific ways of teaching Social Emotional Skills that will prepare our students for the future and how to use the three-step Powerful Understanding Model to do so.

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    #9: Hmmm? Huh? Aha! Tangible, Proven Ways to Develop Powerful Understanding of the Self, Others, and the World Part One (with Adrienne Gear)

    We all want students to develop a sense of agency over their learning, but many of us simply want an easy-to-follow, laid out roadmap to do so. Back again with her wisdom, wit, and wealth of creativity, Adrienne Gear teaches us about her 3-step Inquiry-Based Powerful Understanding Model and how we can enable students from K-12 to develop a deep understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them. Be sure to catch part two of this interview for a deep dive into specific lessons around developing kindness, compassion, friendship, morality, social justice, and more!

  58. Thumb 1531780238 artwork a Nutshell

    In this episode, I distill the unique benefits of camping with kids for the soul and spirit, despite the obvious challenges.

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    #8: Defying the Status Quo: The Unique School that *Actually* Teaches for the Future (with Founder Jeff Hopkins)

    Have you ever wanted to start your own school? This discussion will have you wanting to rethink the way you approach education in your own classroom. My guest explores the importance of creating a school that values student voice, utilizes the inquiry process to prepare students for the uncertain future, and focuses on the importance of creating a psychologically safe classroom culture in order to foster creativity and innovation. Hope you love it as much as I did!

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    #7: The 5 Steps for Teaching Self-Regulation and Reducing Flight, Fight, Freeze Responses in the Classroom (with Dr. Stuart Shanker)

    With terms like self-regulation being thrown around like confetti in education these days, the true meaning of such important approaches can become watered-down and lose effectiveness. In this interview, I go to the source. In this discussion with self-regulation guru Dr. Stuart Shanker, we explore 5 actionable ways to implement self-regulation strategies within the classroom with the goal of reducing retraumatizing triggers for the children in our classes.

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    #6: Is it Bullying or is it Normal Conflict? How to Spot it, What to Do About it, and What to Say to Save the Day (with Dr. Shimi Kang)

    This is a mini episode every educator and parent should view and share at the beginning of the school year. In this mini episode, you’ll learn the important nuanced distinction between normal relational conflict, mean behavior, and legitimate bullying and how to address each one within the classroom. If you want to support your students to become resilient, independent, and empowered, this is the episode for you!

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    #5:The Surprising Neuroscience of Happiness and Kindness: How Paying-it-Forward Makes you Happy (with Dr. Shimi Kang)

    We all know that it feels good to be kind, and my guest today talks about the ways in which our bodies have been wired for generosity. She explains the surprising neuroscience which proves, once again, that contribution is nature’s most effective antidepressant. It literally makes you happy! This is a must-watch mini episode for any teacher or parent wanting to understand the benefits of explicitly teaching altruism and for those wanting to start the 21-day Kindness challenge. Hope you enjoy!

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    #4: 3 Simple Ways to Beat the #1 Health Epidemic- Becoming Happier as an Educator, Parent, or Student (with Dr. Shimi Kang)

    In this episode, I’m going to introduce you to a remarkable woman who will share simple actionable tips to help your students and colleagues combat the #1 health epidemic of the 21st century, stress. You’ll learn the surprising way our bodies react when we’re in crisis and a proven three-step approach to teach your students resiliency in the face of adversity. She’ll highlight actionable ways to instill firm, loving boundaries within the classroom while maintaining a playful sense of adaptability that fosters innovation and creativity. And finally, you’ll also discover specific and effective ways to address bullying and support youth in crisis. Hope you get as much out of the conversation that I did!

  65. Thumb 1531371649 artwork

    #3: How to Breathe Life into Your School and Boost Achievement (with Principal Kafele)

    In this episode, you’ll learn how to breathe life into your school every day and how to boost achievement in your school through easy, actionable strategies. Principal Kafele’s message comes alive through his expressive storytelling, vulnerability, and personal experiences. Whether you’re a teacher or an educational leader, you’re sure to get fired up by this conversation.

  66. Thumb 1531370986 artwork

    #2: What Nuclear Weapons Negotiations Taught this Nobel Peace Prize Nominee about Bullying in Schools (with Dr. Scilla Elworthy)

    Have you ever wondered what fear, nuclear war, Richard Branson and iced cream have in common?

    Today our very special guest, a three-time nobel peace prize nominee provides the prescription for a bully-free school-yard by employing an unlikely and successful strategy used during global peace negotiations. She shares her business plan for peace and provides inspiring examples of unifying kindness grassroots movements across the globe.

    Dr. Elworthy will have you laughing, crying, and feeling more inspired about your role in the world.

  67. Thumb 1531345861 artwork

    #1: The One Thing this Principal Did Daily to Transform the Most Violent and Dangerous School in Philadelphia (with Principal Linda Cliatt-Wayman)

    Linda Cliatt-Wayman: In this episode you’ll learn the one surprising thing this incredible principal did daily to transform the most violent and dangerous school in Philadelphia into a thriving culture of learning. This episode is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

    Linda Cliatt-Wayman spent 20 years as a special education teacher, and served as principal to three Philadelphia schools, and later served as the superintendent of schools. Cliatt-Wayman recently started a non-profit that will support under-served students in Philidephia. She is the author of Lead Fearlessly, Love Hard: Finding Your Purpose And Putting It To Work. For more information visit my website and search for episode # 1.

  68. Thumb 1531634210 artwork

    Welcome to KindSight 101 -Together, Let's Make a Big Impact...One Small Act at a Time (Trailer with Morgane Michael)

    Welcome to KindSight 101, the Podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. I believe that we all have an innate need to be seen, heard, and understood. When we dedicate ourselves to kindness, the ripples effects in our schools can be life changing. Through this podcast, I want to challenge you to question your assumptions, amplify your insight, and embrace a willingness to go beyond the status quo in education.

    Together, let’s learn how to make a big impact, one small act at a time.

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    When You Lose Your Work...

    In this episode, we'll discuss how to become resilient in the face of frustrating, commonplace losses...

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